Adobe and Teardrops - M. Lockwood Porter -- 27

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Adobe and Teardrops - M. Lockwood Porter -- 27

I've been playing the living fuck out of M. Lockwood Porter's 27. He shared a private Soundcloud playlist with "the media" last week and, based on the play counts, I can tell I'm not the only one.

Let me explain to you how powerful this album is: the first song inspired me to break up with the person I was seeing. I could tell she wasn't going to stick around, so after listening to "I Know You're Gonna Leave Me" and crying hysterically, I worked up the courage (for like a week) and did the deed.

27 has a fuzzier, rock'n'roll feel than Porter's debut album Judah's Gone. While Judah's Gone was certainly a more lonesome album, 27 crashes its way through breakups, lust, contentment, cynicism, and nostalgia. Apparently Porter's got a year on me, so maybe I'll feel a little bit darker than I currently do. I've got some great music (probably one of the best albums of the year) to accompany me in the meantime.

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