Moondogshake - Communion In The Ashes

Artist News bmr006 M Lockwood Porter

Communion in the Ashes harnesses the spirit of Tom Petty with its jaunty, upbeat, guitar jangling songs and thoughtful political messages. Melodic and foot tapping new songs that fit you like a comfortable pair of shoes. M.Lockwood Porter is contemporary but has a familiar style. It’s one that will please many who revel in Springsteen, Dylan or Tom Petty. It is a classic genre to play in but this album manages to stand up tall. This is a collection of well written songs and there is a variety and pacing through the album that prevents any lapse of interest. I liked it from first listen but also think that it will grow on me more with every listen and it will make a good car driving companion. I enjoyed his previous album release, How To Dream Again and I am very happy to find that this follow up easily matches it. Well made, impressive, and recommended to any who dig this style.

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