The Alternate Root - Travis Linville I'm Still Here

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The Alternate Root - Travis Linville I'm Still Here

Travis Linville (from the album I’m Still Here available on Black Mesa Records) (by Bryant Liggett)

Travis Linville seems to be one of those musicians that could kick it with just about any musical colleague. An Indie Rock band? Sure. A Country crooner? No problem. His latest release, I’m Still Here, is one of those albums that moves smoothly from hints of Pop-Rock bounce to weepy ballads, oddball electro weirdness to inebriated anthems. He is a writer that will bang out his past; the title track opening I’m Still Here with Travis Linville stating he can take a knock but that won’t push him out of the game, repeating ‘I’m still here, I’ve been here all along’. “Feeling We Used to Know” is a tune about a soured romance that aches for its honeymoon days, delivered with choppy, sharp guitar notes.

“The Rain” is an ambient, subtle electro rhythmed ballad, “Blue Sky Bound” a bouncy blast of Indie Pop and Hayes Carll is by his side for a slightly twangy cover of Willie Nelsons “Yesterdays Wine”. It’s a soft cover with heavy harmonies with both Carll and Linville trading out verses. Travis Linville has penned a wonderful drunken singalong in “I Saw You”, and he closes the record with a weeper where steel guitar provides melodic support becoming the ‘shoulder you can fall back on’ in “Diamonds and Dust”. Travis Linville keeps good company and his band is stacked, a perfect group that can run his musical gamut without breaking a sweat. (by Bryant Liggett)

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