Familiar Ground 12"LP (Black vinyl)
Familiar Ground 12"LP (Black vinyl)

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  • Catalog Number: BMR013
  • Release Date: 11/20/2020
  • Format: Vinyl
  • Color: Black
John Calvin Abney

Familiar Ground 12"LP (Black vinyl)

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The sojourn back to what could be called “familiar ground” is a multi-faceted path, different for everyone, every time. When writing this album, Abney couldn’t shake this feeling, this awareness of the ephemeral and impermanent state of existence that we all dwell in, and how fast our time runs without knowing where it all goes. No wheels, no wings, only his legs left to carry him in a radically different world where what he had normally done to get by and acknowledge his own purpose had been put to a stop. Abney missed certain places that resonated with him, people that he had become accustomed to seeing, and times he had taken for granted. These songs are how Abney grieved the loss of these things.


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