What Is A pre-order?

Pre-orders are products that have not yet been released, but can be purchased in advance of the release date. Once we have the items in stock, we will ship them to you directly, usually before or on the release date. Our pre-orders typically start 10-12 weeks before a release's street date. By the time you are pre-ordering, we are already very deep into the manufacturing process. Your pre-order will have a product attached to it.

When will you ship my pre-order?

We provide an approximate shipping date for each pre-order item. We do our best to ensure that your item is shipped on or before this date, but sometimes things can take a little longer than expected. Often times, due to Vinyl and Compact Disc production times, we do not provide an exact date, but an estimated "fuzzy" date, e.g. Mid-December. We do our best to provide an accurate as possible shipping timeframe, but times may vary beyond our control. If you are concerned about the arrival time, it may be best to contact us prior to purchase.

When do I pay for a pre-order?

Your payment method will be charged for the full order amount (including shipping costs) once your order is placed to reserve your product.

What if I buy both a pre-order record and a released record?

We will ship all of your order once the entire order becomes available. If you would like something we have in stock before your pre-order is available, please create a separate order.

We set aside inventory when pre-ordered, so your choice will be guaranteed to ship. If you have questions, send us a message, we're happy to chat.