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180G Vinyl


Produced by
JD McPherson
Travis Linville, Raynier Jacildo, Dominic John Davis, Jason Smay, JD McPherson, Mike Meadows, Ryan Jones, Becky Carman, Dexter Green
Guest vocalists on Yesterday’s Wine
Hayes Carll, John Fullbright, Jacob Tovar
Engineered by
Scott McEwen at Memphis Magnetic Recording
Engineered by
Dexter Green at 3Sirens
Mixed by
Dexter Green at 3Sirens
Mastered by
Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios
Artwork by
Jeffery Sublett
Cover Photo by
Travis Brian Linville
Vinny Rich, Adam Pollock, Alessandra Cosimini, Joy Collingbourne
Executive Producers
Michael Wilkinson, Kevin Daniel, Bryce Binyon



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I'm Still Here 12"LP (Gold vinyl)

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At its core, I’m Still Here is a collection of contributions woven together with endearingly visible seams, but it remains a record only Linville could’ve made...or at least could’ve made happen. McPherson explains, “I’ve never worked with someone so open to new ideas yet knows fundamentally who they are as an artist. Everyone had such a great time working with Travis and his fantastic songs. Let me drive that final point home: Travis is a really, really great songwriter. That makes work a pleasure.”