You Don't Really Know Me 12"LP (Mustard vinyl)
You Don't Really Know Me 12"LP (Mustard vinyl)

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Limited Vinyl 180G


Produced by
Brad Paul & Robin Eaton
Written by
Tim Easton
"Anchor" written by
Tim Easton & Meredith Kimbrough
Mastered by
Jim Demain
Photography by
Ryan Knaack
Album Design
Lauren Markham
Tim Easton

You Don't Really Know Me 12"LP (Mustard vinyl)

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Somewhere along the way — between the acclaimed albums he released with New West, the gigs with icons like Townes Van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson, and the relentless work ethic that kept him on the road year after year — things got blurry. Tim Easton grew attached to the wild lifestyle of a traveling musician, leading to burned bridges and broken relationships. On his tenth album, You Don't Really Know Me, he shines a light on his fall from grace and subsequent climb back to stability, focusing on the gratitude that arrives after you've shed your useless baggage.


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