Adobe & Teardrops - Episode 173: May Music Roundup

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Adobe & Teardrops - Episode 173: May Music Roundup

[...] let’s dig into what else came out this month that was really great. We’ll start with Travis Linville and his new album I’m Still Here, off of friend of the pod Black Mesa Records. Linville is based in Oklahoma and worked with some real heavy hitters on this album, like Natalie Hemby. The overall vibe is like a more reflective Tom Petty. A lot of the songs are about absence and feeling a sense of place, and each song is pop music-perfect. Then we’ll get into some new songs by Johno Roberts, the former lead singer of the Hang Rounders. I meant to play these a while ago, so even though they’re not May releases, I’m making up for lost time here.

So let’s start with “See You Around,” and Patreon subscribers will listen to “I Saw You,” both from Travis Linville’s I’m Still Here.

  • Travis Linville — “See You Around” (I’m Still Here) (3:41)
  • Johno Roberts — “Reflections of Me” (Single) (6:58)

That was “Reflections Of Me” off of Johno Roberts’ upcoming album, and Patreon subscribers heard “Road.”

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