Sleeper - Johnny's Garden

Original Dutch: Sleeper - Johnny's Garden

Whether it is because of the passing of the years (and I could become saturated), or because the current offer in general appeals to me less. Although enough appears, it seems that I am less taken by surprise and surprised than before. Moreover, let's not forget that these are terrible times for musicians. As it stands now, I like to keep posting the exceptions that are pleasant to me on this site. Today it's the turn of a lady I haven't heard of before, while she has already delivered a few records. She debuted with Floodlights in 2016. Contrary to what I just said, Anna Ash is hardly surprising or innovative, but she is authentic enough. An important plus for me is her singing. It acutely brought to mind the Canadian Frazey Ford. Also as far as the languid style of the songs is concerned.

There is wonderful music playing on this album. A well-balanced band creates the much-needed unity, even if the record was recorded in two different sessions. One in November 2020, and the second in April 2021, with the prospects of a decreasing Corona looking more favourable. In both cases the songs were recorded almost live. It is characteristic of the intimacy that seems to evaporate from the music. Sweltering at times. While Frazey Ford went towards Southern Soul in terms of atmosphere on her latest album, Anna Ash rather presents herself in a dreamy Pop-like Folky world. Sleeper contains eleven beautifully sculpted songs that listeners will enjoy with great pleasure. Numbers that take care of you when you wake up. While I am currently cleaning up my existing collection, I am confidently adding Sleeper.

by Rein van den Berg

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