CHILLFLTR Review: "Always Enough"

John Calvin Abney - Always Enough

With a strong confessional mojo borrowed in part from Elliot Smith, John Calvin Abney speaks some simple truth with his new single Always Enough. The doubled lead vocal gives away that Pacific Northwest production style, even if he calls Oklahoma his home.

A rambling melody is shared between the piano and guitar, and the lyrics paint an image that comes easy to most of us: finding our own way through life and pushing against the impulse to blame the ones we love most for the hardest bits. Maybe we already have what we need, and the sense of longing we have serves another purpose.

The gentle flow of the laid-back drums works with the brittle reverb on those snare fills to set up the airy drops; the vocal flies in like a summer wind and the guitar delivers us to the hook. The message is clear: be grateful.

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