Tinnitist - Indie Roundup (Friday Dump Edition)

Indie Roundup (Friday Dump Edition) | 19 Tracks to Fire Up Your Weekend

Tulsa roots-rock singer-songwriter M. Lockwood Porter fires up the electrifying protest-song title cut from his upcoming fourth album Communion In The Ashes. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Delivering some of the most engaging and electrifying songs of his career, the album addresses our modern-day social problems from a perspective of hope, encouraging those who listen to focus on activism and community-building rather than despair. Porter wrote the song in the wake of the wildfires that ravaged the San Francisco Bay Area while he lived there. He explains, “That fire is what finally made climate change feel real and immediate to me, after years of reading about climate science and understanding the threat on an intellectual level but not truly grasping the real-life implications on a gut level.”

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