Our 5th Anniversary is next month! 🎉

Our 5th Anniversary is next month! 🎉

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5 years ago in June we started Black Mesa Records to put out M. Lockwood Porters second full-length record, 27. We couldn't be more pleased with how far we've come since then! Three M. Lockwood Porter records, two John Calvin Abney records, and becoming stewards of a friends label after his passing. We'd be content about how much we helped put into the world after just that, but we're just getting started.

This year we've got one more full-length record coming, a single from a new artist, and possibly, just maybe, if you're good, a Christmas present that some of you have been asking for.

Find out more throughout June!

To celebrate our five years, we've got five announcements throughout the month.

We'll send out emails for each announcement starting with this one: FREE SHIPPING worldwide the entire month of June.
(shh, the code's active now!)

Use the code FIVEYEARS at checkout!

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