Tim Easton Undergoes a ‘Real Revolution’ in New Song

Tim Easton Undergoes a ‘Real Revolution’ in New Song

Tim Easton Undergoes a ‘Real Revolution’ in New Song

By the end of his new song, "Real Revolution," Tim Easton has undergone a change and found a new way of living. It wasn't easy, but it was certainly worthwhile.

"My old way of thinking had me tied up and blind / I was out of direction, I was out of right mind / Tired of backsliding, living in the past / Tired of going absolutely nowhere fast," Easton sings. And while he was "afraid to think it ... afraid to do it ... afraid I might not even live through it," he's "changing everything," and for the better.

"Real revolution does not have to be the violent kind / Real revolution takes place in your heart and in your mind," Easton sings at the end of his new song, premiering exclusively on The Boot. "You have to be willing to change up the fight / Admit your mistakes in what has been said and done / Then step into the light of the real revolution."

Easton wrote "Real Revolution" solo, while on the road, and plays both the guitar and a toy piano on the recording. Co-producers Brad Jones and Robin Eaton added upright bass and mellotron, and bowed guitar, respectively, while Nikki Barber and Amanda Stone are on backing vocals.

A longtime folk, blues and rock-focused singer-songwriter, Easton has been playing professionally since the mid-1990s, and released his debut solo album in 1998. "Real Revolution" comes from You Don't Really Know Me, his forthcoming 10th studio album.

"It is, without a doubt, a recovery album — not only recovery from a vice, but also recovery from a divorce and a destructive, rambling life of self-centered gratification," Easton reflects. "It's a peaceful, positive, loving album — an album about personal revolution."

You Don't Really Know Me is due out on Aug. 27 via Black Mesa Records, but is available to pre-order and pre-save now. Visit TimEaston.com for more details.

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