Tulsa People: John Calvin Abney has a new album out

Tulsa People: John Calvin Abney has a new album out

Coyotes are well known for their adaptability to many habitats: the desert, grasslands, wooded areas near cities. And so, the name for John Calvin Abney’s third full-length album, “Coyote,” perfectly sums up his life as a touring artist.

Released in May, the album chronicles a rough period of being on the road. “Being away from home is tough on the connections you have with loved ones,” explains the Memorial High School graduate. “It’s hard to be part of a community when you’re constantly gone.”

This month, however, Abney and fellow Tulsa native John Moreland will bring a taste of T-Town to Europe when Abney opens for Moreland on his European tour. Abney also is lead guitarist for Moreland’s band, and the friends recorded together on two of Moreland’s past albums.

Abney says the life of a musician has been romanticized “as a constant party,” but in reality it’s a lot of hard work. “It’s tough, but it’s rewarding,” he says. “It’s my job and what I love to do.”

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