Video Premiere: JOHN CALVIN ABNEY “Showing Up Late”

Video Premiere:  JOHN CALVIN ABNEY “Showing Up Late”

Video Premiere:  JOHN CALVIN ABNEY “Showing Up Late”

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Just a handful of days before the release of his brand new album, Familiar Ground, John Calvin Abney today unveils another beautiful piece of its puzzle in the form of the richly warm “Showing Up Late”. And this is indeed familiar ground; as similarly, suitably evocative as so much of Abney’s work, the song drifts through its three and a half minutes with a gentle and tender grace.

“I feel like I had spent years accidentally obscuring parts of who I am through constant work and now, every single day heading forward, I find out a little bit more about myself,” Labney says of his new album. “Familiar Ground’s a good step towards that because I’ve found that the softer, more contemplative compositions speak more to me as a person than earlier records I’ve made with bombastic arrangements. Those don’t speak to me as I am now, but of course, these things can always change.”

Carried on a lovely country sway, the song is held together by Abney’s voice. Dimmed and somewhat withdrawn, there’s an ache in his weathered vocals that makes the whole thing to feel beautifully compelling; a subtle and stirring accompaniment for the current season.

“Showing Up Late” is streaming here below from today, and its release gains even further gravitas via the accompanying, and wonderfully compelling, video which was directed by (and stars) fellow singer/songwriter Samantha Crain, who is already responsible for one of the year’s great records.

The full album is released on Friday November 20th via Black Mesa Records, and you can watch the new video right here.

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