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Communion In The Ashes

M. Lockwood Porter's Communion in the Ashes is a rallying cry for the hopeless and heartbroken, its lyrics set to a soundtrack of anthemic heartland rock & roll. This is a record that addresses our modern-day social problems from a perspective of hope, encouraging those who listen to focus on activism and community-building rather than despair. Throughout Communion In The Ashes, Porter’s electrifying “dystopian gospel band” explores how frightening our world can be. With its Springsteen-sized catharsis, though, Communion in the Ashes offers listeners something new: a soundtrack with which to rise up, rebuild, and renew. Call it protest music if you'd like. Call it a political album if you must. Whatever the description, Communion in the Ashes packs the strongest punch of Porter's career, capturing not just one man's reaction to the present day, but an entire community's opportunity to better their own tomorrows.

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