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Heavy Light

Derrick C. Brown’s poem “Hunger Sling” adorns the back cover of Heavy Light, the new full length album by Beau Jennings & The Tigers and ties in to what Beau sees as “a creeping, looming thing that permeates the record.” 

Heavy Light was recorded at Cardinal Song, the studio of The Tigers bassist Michael Trepagnier, following the release of The Thunderbird and its bold acoustic reimagination, Son Of Thunderbird. The band (Jennings, Trepagnier, Chase Kerby, Dustin Ragland, John McCall) hit all the sonic sweet spots here, with lush production and all the warmth of 70’s AM Gold underpinning the subtly darker lyrical elements at play.

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Beau Jennings & The Tigers
Beau Jennings & The Tigers