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It All Goes Up

Beth Bombara’s It All Goes Up is for this moment what Kathleen EdwardsBack To Me was for the early 2000s. It’s all there – the songwriting first and foremost with a voice that connects on a raw, emotional level alongside production led by Bombara’s undeniable musicality, retaining the intimacy of being wholly conceived by the artist herself. 

Bombara’s last album, Evergreen, was well-received by fans and media alike. “The likes of Aimee Mann and Jewel are fair comparisons,” noted the L.A. Weekly, “every tone is tinged with emotion, nothing is wasted.”

With It All Goes Up, Bombara has risen to a new level and let some light in. “There's more light, more hope in this record,” she says, “and it feels more positive sonically, as well.”  These songs were written during the chaos of the past couple years, and the time found Bombara looking for silver linings, writing to keep herself positive and keep her mind open and fresh. 

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Beth Bombara
Beth Bombara