Americana Highways - Song Premieres: Anna Ash “Favorite Part” And “Popularity”

Americana Highways - Song Premieres: Anna Ash “Favorite Part” And “Popularity”

Americana Highways is hosting this double song premiere of Anna Ash’s songs “Favorite Part” and “Popularity.”  The songs are part of her forthcoming album Sleeper, due to be released on January 21. via Black Mesa Records. The songs will be available this Friday.

 Sleeper was mixed by Kevin Ratterman and Eli Crews; engineered by Anna Ash, Aaron Stern, Eli Crews, and Kevin Ratterman.  It was mastered by Kim Rosen with vinyl mastering by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Mastering.  Album photography is courtesy of Brandon Barnhart with design by Roberta Casnellie.

“Favorite Part” is Anna Ash on vocals and guitar; Solomon Dorsey on bass and viola; Julian Allen on drums and percussion; Sasha Smith on Wurlitzer; and Jason Abraham Roberts on guitar.

“Popularity” is Anna Ash on vocals and guitar; Aaron Stern on bass; Darla Hawk on drums; Andris Mattson on flugelhorn; and Sasha Smith on Hammond organ.  “Favorite Part” treats human adversity with a twist of optimism, while “Popularity” uses peaceful horns and gentle organ and guitar to treat a challenge in every hometown today. These are perfect showcases for Anna Ash’s gravely thoughtful, crooning style.  

“Favorite Part’ was recorded with Solomon Dorsey (bass and strings), Julian Allen (drums), and Jason Abraham Roberts (guitars). The lyrics are about those moments in time when a relationship ends or something shifts and you look back at yourself, who you were before the shift, and barely remember who that person was. And there’s nothing funny about it, but it can be overwhelmingly comedic to be on the other side, aware of how far from your heart you strayed.

“‘Popularity’ was recorded with Darla Hawn (drums), Aaron Stern (bass), and Andris Mattson (horns). This was written in the summer of 2020 when I had fled California and was living in a trailer in my mom’s backyard. I had a lot of doubts about whether my L.A. chapter was coming to an end, and was emotionally overwhelmed by how divided my family and hometown community has become in the Trump era. — Anna Ash

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