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Anna Ash - Sleeper - M-Podia

Original Dutch: Anna Ash - Sleeper - M-Podia Los Angeles-based American singer/songwriter Anna Ash is finally back with a completely new album after an absence of several years; sleeper. Her music can best be described as American roots music with a touch of nostalgia for the 70s and she also has a very authentic voice. A quirky singer with a special voice Sleeper is also an album that is attributable to the pandemic. Anna had recorded half of it in the desolate environment of the Catskill Mountains by the end of 2020 and completed the rest a few months later...

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Sleeper - Johnny's Garden

Original Dutch: Sleeper - Johnny's Garden Whether it is because of the passing of the years (and I could become saturated), or because the current offer in general appeals to me less. Although enough appears, it seems that I am less taken by surprise and surprised than before. Moreover, let's not forget that these are terrible times for musicians. As it stands now, I like to keep posting the exceptions that are pleasant to me on this site. Today it's the turn of a lady I haven't heard of before, while she has already delivered a few records. She debuted with...

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Anna Ash - Sleeper - De krenten uit de pop

Orignal Article in Dutch Anna Ash - Sleeper It is very hard to penetrate American roots music, but Anna Ash knows how to distinguish herself with a full and warm 70s sound and especially with a very special voice. Sleeper is my first acquaintance with the music of American singer-songwriter Anna Ash and it's a pleasant acquaintance. The musician from Los Angeles knows how to distinguish herself with the beautiful and warm coloring of her album, with timeless songs with a lot of influences from the 70s and above all with a very special voice. It is a beautiful voice,...

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Fatea Records - Anna Ash - Sleeper

Fatea Records - Anna Ash - Sleeper It comes as no surprise to find that Anna Ash's music often appears in soundtracks. There is a cinematic feel to many of the songs here, but that doesn't mean the lyrics are an afterthought. Many of the songs here are remembrances of people or incidents. 'Favorite Part' recalls an old boyfriend and Sgt. Pepper memories of childhood. The second song in 'Popularity' is the song Joss Stone has been trying to sing her whole career. Soulful, funky, but keeping a folky home spun feel. 'Seasonal' could be one of Cowboy Junkies more...

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