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Monday Moods: “Soul Smooth” - Golden State

Monday Moods: “Soul Smooth” - Golden State After crushing Thanksgiving leftovers and saying goodbye to all your house guests, it’s time to wind up the work week with some Monday motivations. First up is Bay Area artist Jackson Phillips (aka Day Wave) with “Before We Knew.” The first music since last spring’s Crush EP, Phillips says this of the new tune: “I wrote ‘Before We Knew’ last fall after taking a long break from writing songs. When I sat down to create again, I knew I wanted to let go of my old process, I wanted to make music feel...

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York Calling - Discovery: Anna Ash

York Calling - Discovery: Anna Ash Favourite Part is the latest release from Anna Ash, an American singer-songwriter and musician currently based in Los Angeles. By Jane Howkins Favourite Part is quite an interesting song, containing elements of folk, Americana and country music, alongside a jazzy rhythm, making it all sound very unique. The rhythm is upbeat but has a mid-tempo feel to it and Anna has a rather quirky vocal style, which still suits the style of the song well. It’s good to hear something a little different so if that sounds good then check out Favourite Part below!

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Americana Highways - Song Premieres: Anna Ash “Favorite Part” And “Popularity”

Americana Highways - Song Premieres: Anna Ash “Favorite Part” And “Popularity” Americana Highways is hosting this double song premiere of Anna Ash’s songs “Favorite Part” and “Popularity.”  The songs are part of her forthcoming album Sleeper, due to be released on January 21. via Black Mesa Records. The songs will be available this Friday.  Sleeper was mixed by Kevin Ratterman and Eli Crews; engineered by Anna Ash, Aaron Stern, Eli Crews, and Kevin Ratterman.  It was mastered by Kim Rosen with vinyl mastering by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Mastering.  Album photography is courtesy of Brandon Barnhart with design by Roberta Casnellie. “Favorite...

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